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Are you worried about the preparation and planning for your wedding? You've come to the right place. BridePlan will help make sure your day goes off without a hitch!

BridePlan allows you to professionally manage your wedding from day one up until your big day. Even more impressive is the fact that our wedding planning software can be accessed from any computer at any time.

Our wedding planner is easy to use and very comprehensive. Sack your wedding planner and plan your marriage yourself!
It's now time to start planning your wedding!

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Planner: There's no need for you to worry about organization with our planner, you are able to select and choose deadlines and important dates prior to the wedding.

Budget: You can calculate costs by category to allow easy budgeting, whilst setting budget targets that will help prevent overspend.

Calendar: If you're bad with dates and arrangements our calendar will remember all of them for you!

Guests: You can use our software to organize a guest list and use our e-Mail software to contact guests prior to the event.

Seating: Organize your guests into your own seating plan to help with venue preparation.

Scratchboard: Use our scratchboard to keep notes, store web addresses and save images that will help you prepare for your big day.

Guest Login: Use our guest interface to keep guests informed about recent events, RSVP's, Gift lists and Event Information while they can leave messages on your Guestbook.

RSVP: The RSVP system will allow your guests to respond to your invite; therefore keep track of who is attending your wedding.

Giftlist: The Giftlist software will allow your guests to browse through your gift list choices and make purchase selections.

Why you'll love being a BridePlan Bride

When he pops the question; planning that wedding would've been the last thing on your mind. Over time, you'll have picked up a few tricks in wedding planning, spoken to a couple of wedding planners - even considered hiring one. But ultimately, a wedding planner will cost you a fortune. Today's bride doesn't need to be concerned as they can be their own wedding organizer.

Weddings aren't meant to be a time of worry - but a time of joy. We ease that wedding stress. Our web based wedding software is so easy to use - and no attention to detail is forgotten for any wedding.

The bride of today is going to need a lot of tools for wedding planning. You need RSVP software - we've got it here. Keep in contact with guests; arrange a gift list; share it with your entire guestlist. We've got seating plans that'll mean you won't forget any detail. So, come and try our wedding planner. It'll take a weight off of your busy shoulders.

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Wedding Planning made simple...

Our software has been developed with assistance from professional wedding planners in order to provide you with wedding planning software that interacts you with guests, assists in planning and offers tools that guides your wedding preparation and your wedding day.

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