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26th September 2010
We have been working some new tools behind the scenes! More to come...

18th February 2009
We are in the process of adding some new Wedding Planning news functionality to the Interface. This will let you see what's going on in the wedding planning from around the world searching over 100,000 sources.

18th June 2007
The graphical tableplan has been added to the software. This enables users to view each table at the event in more graphical, friendly detail.

17th June 2007
The Guestlist has been updated to allow the editing of existing guests information; this now means there is no longer a need to delete and re-add a Guest should there be a problem with the data entered.

The following features are being added in the future:

1) We will be adding a delete feature to the Planner, this will allow you to remove things you are certain you do not want to see on the list

2) Also in the planner we will add a Suggestion box, where you can have things requested (and maybe approved) to the Planner.

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Tell us! We are looking for new features to add to this free software.

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